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Welcome to the official web page of San Francisco based gypsy jazz guitarist Jimmy Grant.   The Jimmy Grant Ensemble  plays a blend of musics from all over the world and his own compositions.   Jimmy is available for lessons, session work, weddings, corporate & civic events, private parties, and music festivals.   Be sure to sign up for our mailing list!



August 2013 

    Hey Everybody,

   So I just updated my webpage, a lot of exciting things going on right now!!   This Saturday my Trio (Featuring Tommy Davy and Chris Bastian) will be performing in Sacramento! Here is the event info!  So be sure to stop by if your in the area, its only $7!

On other news, I have released a few more lesson videos, with more to come!  Check em' out!

I am also excited to announce that I will be going in the studio at the end of the month with the group Junk Parlor, if you haven't already liked us on facebook, you can do so here.   be Sure to check us out live, too!  

I have much more in the oven as well!

Jimmy Grant

May 12th 

Hi Everybody,

   I haven't updated my website in a while, but I have a lot of new stuff coming out.   I just updated the video section.  I have also started a youtube video series, where I will be sharing some of my django knowledge.  Be sure to check it all out.  Here is my first video, the first person who can guess what Django solo this is from will win a free cd!  By the end of June, I should have a lot more these videos finished, so be sure to check up on my webpage.   

Jimmy Grant

New Years! 

Dear fans,

     In name of the holidays I am giving out a free track.. Well, not completely free, the hidden fee is you have to like my Facebook page. This year has been a great year for the Jimmy Grant Ensemble, But next year should be even better, we are in the process of booking some tours, and this summer we are planning on recording our next album, full of Jimmy Grant originals, and maybe even a familiar standard or two! Be sure to keep checking my website, I will be giving out free recordings from my album, as well as some free live recordings from the year 2012. Also, be sure to check the music section, I will be posing lots of new videos in the coming years. Hope everyone has a great new year!!


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